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4 Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coatings


Without a doubt, one of the most durable and toughest finishes that you apply to a floor these days is an epoxy coating. Not only does this excellent material protect your flooring, but it can also instantly transform some of the more plain flooring types, like cement, into a surface that is more professional looking and provides your home or business with a great deal more function and beauty. Epoxy flooring is mostly utilized in the garage and similar spaces, but by no means is it limited to those kinds of spaces. Epoxy flooring is also a highly popular option for both residential and commercial applications, and it comes in a variety of different colors, hues, and even custom color blends so you can find the perfect option suited to your particular stylistic needs. There are a number of different reasons that home and business owners across the country make the choice to go with epoxy flooring in their home and business spaces, and to help you make the decision on whether or not a high quality epoxy floor coating is the right choice for your property, we have taken the time to put together a short list of four of the top benefits that come along with making the investment.


When epoxy cures, it becomes an extremely hard and versatile surface. Epoxy paints are even used over the concrete floors of many warehouse buildings to be driven over by forklifts and other heavy machinery, while still keeping the floor protected and intact for many years. There are very few floor coating options out there that can take a beating quite like an epoxy coating can.


Because it is such a hard and durable surface, with little to no porous areas in it, epoxy floor coatings are surprisingly easy to clean. In much the same way as glass, epoxy floor coatings are smooth, and most materials tend to come off quite easily with just a little bit of cleaning. In addition, because of its non-porous nature, it is highly stain resistant, as there is really nowhere for anything to soak into the surface. In almost any setting, whether residential or commercial, it is very important that you are able to clean your surfaces easily and thoroughly, and epoxy floor coatings are about as easily cleaned as they come. Whether you have a garage that needs to resist oil and grease stains, or grocery store floor that needs to be able to repel anything your customers can throw at it, epoxy floor coatings are up to the task.

Temperature Resistance

No durable material is ever really worth its salt unless it is durable enough to withstand different temperatures as well. Epoxy floor coatings actually stand up to heat and cold better than almost any other flooring solution out there. In fact, epoxy flooring is frequently installed around both hot machinery and hot fluids, as it is highly resistant to this form of punishment.


To top it off, epoxy floor coatings are actually an environmentally friendly choice in flooring options. Because epoxy coatings have such a high integrity once they have been cured, they are never going to erode off or dissolve into the surrounding environment, whether by fumes into the air or by trace amounts of water. In addition, it requires less frequent re-coating than other painted floors, and doesn't have to be cleaned as often to top it all off.

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