Innovative Epoxy Flooring For Hugo, MN

When it comes to installing an epoxy floor in Hugo, you don’t want something that looks amateurish. The results need to look like the floor was made from the real material. Epoxy flooring can be designed to look like a wide range materials like marble, slate, granite, and terrazzo.

There are various treatments you can add to the epoxy flooring to create a non-slip or antistatic surface. 100% solids epoxy floor coatings can last 20 years through all sorts of abuse including abrasions, tire traffic, heavy human traffic, and chemical spills.

The right type of floor is waiting for you at Innovative Garage Flooring, our local Hugo Epoxy Flooring Company.

  • Faux marble floor
  • Faux granite floor
  • White epoxy floor
  • Metallic epoxy floors
  • High-quality commercial-grade products
  • Expert installation

Garage Epoxy Floors

After you get a garage epoxy floor, you’ll want to paint the garage. The surface is so fresh and beautiful, it will look really odd against drywall that shows signs of abuse.

There’s no better surface for your garage. The finish resists chemicals, oil spills, tire traffic, and all the shuffling and moving around you do with your stuff. Plus, if the concrete surface is damaged with pits or cracks, they will be filled in first.

You’ll be amazed at how much you love your new epoxy garage floor that you’ll consider doing the interior of your home too. Solid epoxy flooring looks stunning inside!

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

If you have a business in Hugo, consider installing an epoxy floor finish. It is commonly used in the commercial industry, though most people don’t realize it. The surface can look like real stone, granite, wood, and other flooring types.

It’s great for retail shops, showrooms, shopping centers, malls, restaurants, offices, and more. Our commercial epoxy flooring experts will make your floors look amazing. There are plenty of choices in finish, so let’s go over some ideas.

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