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Floors with Durability + Elegance

Polished concrete floors offer a number of benefits over traditional concrete flooring, which is why they’ve become so popular among local businesses. Want elegance as well as durability? Minneapolis polished concrete flooring combines the durability of treated concrete with an appearance that more closely resembles stone or marble.

  • Easy Maintenance: A smooth, non-porous surface prevents stains and the accumulation of dust, dirt and allergens, reducing cleaning time and effort.
  • Durability: Ideal for high-traffic areas, long-lasting polished concrete flooring has a strong, stone-like surface; it will not require replacement for years.
  • Appealing Look: Polished concrete is available in a variety of colors and styles — and a level of shine — that beautifully complements your space.

The Concrete Polishing Process

Our concrete polishing service begins with the cleaning and inspection of your concrete, searching for any imperfections such as cracks or chipping. Rest assured, any discovered issues are promptly addressed before we proceed. Moving forward, our expert concrete floor polishing contractors start on the rough grinding phase, employing a floor grinder with a coarse grinding wheel. Through a series of three to four passes, we transition to finer grits, refining the surface with each iteration.

Following the rough grind, our concrete polishing contractors administer an impregnating sealer, penetrating the concrete’s surface to fortify it from within. This transformative sealant not only shields against external elements but also fortifies the concrete, enhancing its durability and resilience. With the sealer in place, we begin the final stage: the fine polish. We take four to five passes with increasingly fine grit polishing wheels, resulting in a pristine finish. Upon completion of the last pass, your revitalized floor awaits immediate use, exuding beauty and functionality.

Superior Concrete Polishing Services

Polished concrete is quickly becoming a mainstay in commercial environments. While DIY options exist, achieving a professional-grade polished concrete floor demands specialized equipment and expertise. Innovative Garage Flooring is a concrete polishing company utilizing years of experience and cutting-edge techniques to help ensure your project is executed flawlessly. Trust us to deliver superior concrete polishing services tailored to your needs.

Are you among the many Minneapolis business owners looking for a commercial concrete polishing company that will help you install and maintain the brand-new polished concrete floors you’ve been wanting in your commercial space? Or are you seeking residential concrete polishing for your home’s garage or interior? Innovative Garage Flooring is the local concrete polishing company you can trust.

If you have any questions about our full line of Minneapolis polished concrete flooring or commercial epoxy flooring solutions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation, get in touch today. Our polished concrete contractors are always standing by, happy to assist you in any way possible.

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