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Making the smart choice to transition to garage epoxy floors in Minneapolis is one that you will be glad you made. A residential or commercial garage with this level of protection and an improved appearance provides a range of benefits. The even wiser decision is to work with the professionals here at Innovative Garage Flooring to get the job done.

Innovative Garage Flooring is the local expert you need when installing high-performance epoxy coatings on garage floors. The system and techniques we use have proven effective and provide floors with long-lasting durability. The end result is a garage floor surface that is attractive as well as resistant to oil, acid, grease, yellowing and even tire marks.

With over 20 years of professional, industry-related experience backing up our garage flooring epoxy installation team, we look forward to showing you how our hands-on expertise benefits you. If you are ready to find out more about this process, as well as how it will benefit you, give our epoxy coating pros a call today.

Benefits of Our Garage Epoxy Flooring

That we take our work seriously is evident in every job that we perform. When you make the smart decision to work with the experienced epoxy garage floor installers  at Innovative Garage Flooring, you get superior-quality products as well as unmatched service and workmanship. We use Sherwin-Williams industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings that are available only to certified installers.

Among the advantages of having an epoxy floor installed in your garage are:

  • Low Maintenance: Spills or leaks are easy to clean up. Epoxy is a non-porous surface, so you don’t have to worry about staining like you do with standard concrete or cement surfaces.
  • Improved Safety: Epoxy is a preferred garage floor surface because its anti-slip property means less chances of falling. We also offer extra anti-slip and anti-skid options.
  • Greater Durability: Epoxy coatings are resistant to damage from intense impacts, extreme temperatures and even fires.

Choose Innovative Garage Flooring

Don’t take any shortcuts with your garage flooring! Garage floors are our specialty. We know what is required to get the job done — while achieving the best results. For the quality and durability you expect and deserve, choose Minneapolis’s own Innovative Garage Flooring.

Whether you need a floor that is strictly functional or one that looks good as well, we will make this happen for you. Enjoy access to a variety of resin colors and styles, an unlimited number of color combinations of flake, a quick turnaround time and the best warranty in the business.

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