Full Flake Epoxy Flooring

Decorative, Durable Epoxy Flooring

Full Flake Epoxy Floors in Minneapolis

Flakes or chips are often embedded in the layers of epoxy to add color and texture to the surface of otherwise clear or transparent floor surfaces. Full flake epoxy floors offer increased durability and resistance to chemicals, and like all epoxy floors, they are easy to clean and maintain. A full flake epoxy interior or garage floor consists of multiple layers of epoxy resin embedded with colored flakes. The flakes are made of acrylic and are available in an array of colors, sizes and patterns.   

After cleaning and repairing the existing floor to ensure that the epoxy thoroughly bonds to the surface, the pros at Innovative Garage Flooring use a five-coat system: (1) an epoxy primer coat, (2) a colored epoxy base coat, (3) a full broadcast of flake, applied until the desired appearance is achieved, and (4) and (5) two clear topcoats: a grout coat and a protective finish coat of epoxy or polyaspartic, depending on the customer’s needs and budget. Many companies apply only a single clear topcoat, but we cover the floor with two coats to provide a smooth, even finish and achieve the highest possible levels of surface protection and gloss.   


Our Standard Flake Colors and Patterns

Thousands of color combinations are possible, and Innovative Garage Flooring currently stocks the most popular 17 blends. Click on the tiles to see a close-up image of each pattern.   

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Interested in this popular, robust and aesthetically appealing option? Innovative Garage Flooring has installed full flake epoxy floors in homeowners’ garages and basements, retail and commercial locations, and industrial facilities. We’re happy to discuss your needs and help you select the color that best complements your space.   

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