Residential Epoxy Flooring

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Residential Epoxy Flooring in Minneapolis

Epoxy flooring for interior spaces is increasing in popularity. What better way to make a home look modern and sophisticated than with this flooring option?

Basements aren’t the only interior floors in your home that will benefit from our residential epoxy floor coating process. Here are a few areas for which you might want to consider an epoxy coating:

  • Workshops: A super-easy cleanup of your workshop’s sawdust, dirt and grime is assured when an epoxy floor is installed. The surface can also be coated with a texture that adds to the slip and skid resistance of the material.
  • Storage Areas: Replace this area’s dirty concrete floor with a smooth epoxy floor that is easy to sweep and maintain. The epoxy surface repels moisture in addition to dirt and grime.
  • Kitchen and Bar Areas: Epoxy floors are the perfect durable solution for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bars. Epoxy resists stains, chair/bar stool scratches, drink spills and more. For a customized, high-end looking floor, choose epoxy.
  • Basements: When finishing your basement, consider an epoxy floor coating. Use area rugs to soften certain areas, such as where you gather to watch a movie, while the rest of the space is available for a pool table, bar or kids’ play area.

Benefits of Residential Resin Flooring

Residential epoxy floor coatings will transform your home because epoxy flooring:

  • Looks stunning in just about any setting
  • Provides long-lasting durability
  • Prevents spills, hits from heavy items and more from leaving a mark — unlike unprotected concrete surfaces
  • Creates an easy-to-clean, seamless surface that will not attract or trap dirt and other contaminants
  • Is a slip-resistant, safe flooring option
  • Brightens workspaces by up to 300%

With so many advantages and no real disadvantages, considering epoxy flooring for your home’s interior makes perfect sense. It makes even more sense to work with the Innovative Garage Flooring pros to ensure that you get the finest in quality application and customer care.

Choose Innovative Garage Flooring

At Innovative Garage Flooring in Minneapolis, we offer a wide variety of colors so you no longer have to settle for drab, dull and gray concrete floors. Your finished floor will shine with high gloss, achieving a sophisticated, high-end look.

Our company has over 20 years of professional expertise in the installation of interior epoxy floor coatings. View your color and surface options and learn how a cost-effective epoxy coating will give you the floor of your dreams. You’ll love the look of your interior epoxy floors!

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