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If you have been giving thought to adding epoxy flooring to your Edina home or business, you may already be familiar with some of the reasons why this is such a good choice. First and foremost, this type of flooring is well-known for it superior durability. It is made up of a combination of resin and hardeners which acts as a tough barrier, safeguarding the flooring surface underneath from issues like cracks.

Whenever you are considering this type of change to your residential or commercial building, you want to feel confident about the decision that you make. By working with industry experts, like Innovative Garage Flooring, you will get the information that you need in order to make a decision that will work for you. It’s about more than just getting exceptional quality installation, although that is equally as important.

We have over two decades worth of hands-on expertise which also enables us to have earned the flawless reputation we have for quality workmanship. There is a reason that our name has become synonymous with expert results. Let our Minneapolis Epoxy Flooring Company demonstrate to you, firsthand, how we have been able to maintain our 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Installing Epoxy Flooring in Edina

If you would like to find out more about what makes epoxy flooring such a wise choice, your best bet is to let us meet with you so we can discuss this in person. This gives us the opportunity to show you a portfolio of previously completed projects. However, a few things that you should know now:

This is a cost-effective solution to flooring. The upfront cost is well worth it for the benefits that you can expect. Plus, the initial investment isn’t really that much, when compared to other flooring options.

The sheen helps make this a brighter flooring option. This is important for safety reasons and helps make it ideal for work spaces, be it a personal garage or an industrial building. This brightness also makes it perfect for spotting spills or other potential slip and fall hazards.

As more and more homeowners become concerned with problems like mold growth, options like this become more appealing. In fact, this is also a great choice for homeowners concerned with making their house more compatible for allergy sufferers.

Edina Interior Epoxy Floors

Opting to go with epoxy flooring for your interior is a bold move, but one that is steadily gaining popularity. There are so many reasons to consider it for your home but it is important to work with an industry professional to ensure that you get the results you hoped for. Call on Innovative Garage Flooring and let us tell you more about this option and then take care of your professional installation services.

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