Epoxy Flooring Applications in Minneapolis

Epoxy Floor Coating Applications

Whether you’re interested in an epoxy coating for a commercial or residential flooring project, Innovative Garage Flooring ensures that you get the highest-quality epoxy flooring available and the most responsive customer service in the business.

Regardless of your application you select, our professional installers follow a strict procedure.

  1. We prepare your existing floor by removing moisture, old paint and sealants.
  2. We complete any repairs necessary to ensure the floor is level and free of cracks.
  3. We clean the surface thoroughly, making sure to remove all grease and oil.
  1. We profile and expose the floor’s pores so the epoxy can form a solid bond.
  1. We mix the epoxy, coat the floor in many layers and apply the vinyl flakes.
  2. We let the floor cure for a few days; then it’s ready for use for years to come.

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