Exceptional Epoxy Flooring Installation For Richfield, MN

Wouldn’t it be great to have floors that look like real marble or granite at a fraction of the cost? Faux granite and marble floors are created with epoxy coatings. Decorative epoxy floor coatings look stunning and are highly durable. Long used in commercial and industrial applications, they are making their way into home interiors today.

You’ll see many how-tos on installing your own Epoxy Flooring, but if the surface is not properly prepared there will be problems. Many homeowners will choose professionals but find out later that the work has to be redone because the epoxy was applied to damp concrete.

Concrete is absorbent. If it sits a little below ground level there can be moisture problems from rainwater. Some concrete floors have moisture problems that go unnoticed. A professional should never apply epoxy on concrete with moisture problems.

If you want your epoxy to be installed properly by local Richfield flooring professionals, call Innovative Garage Flooring. Our Minneapolis Epoxy Floor Coating Experts provide services to many areas near Minneapolis including Richfield.

We use industrial grade epoxy coatings for residential and commercial floors. We properly prepare the surface to ensure the best, longest-lasting results.

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Beautiful Garage Floors With Epoxy Coatings

You can have the showroom garage floor you want with epoxy coatings. All you’ll have to do is wipe the surface clean with a damp mop if needed. Oil stains, water or drink spill, chemical spills, and more will no longer stain the garage floor.

Whether you like to sit around in the garage, show your home off to friends, or work on the vehicles, epoxy flooring is the perfect choice.

Epoxy Flooring For Richfield Home Interiors?

Can that same, durable surface be installed inside your home? It sure can. If you already have a concrete foundation, why not use an epoxy coating instead of installing real marble or granite?

Be sure you choose an experienced contractor to give you the best design. Interior epoxy floors can really enhance the design for an upscale look. Have you seen the latest in solid metallic sheens?

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