Shoreview Epoxy Flooring Experts

If you are looking for the name of a professional Shoreview epoxy flooring installation service, then look no further than the professionals at Innovative Garage Flooring. We have quickly become the leading epoxy flooring company in the area for everything ranging from residential interior epoxy floors to durable epoxy coatings for commercial garage flooring. Although it can be said that having over 20 years of professional experience in the field before we ever started this company has given us a head start over most of our competition, it has also helped us to quickly earn and solidify our reputation of excellent customer service and immaculate final results.

We look forward to being able to provide you with the high quality results you want and deserve when it comes to your epoxy flooring installation and service. You may not yet be aware of all of the benefits that are there to be taken advantage of when you invest in quality epoxy flooring, but our team of professionals will be there to assist you every step of the way. Due to our comprehensive system of thorough surface preparation, we are able to ensure a high quality, long lasting bond between your epoxy coating and your existing floor, so you can always rest assured that your new flooring is done in a quality manner that is designed to serve your needs for a long time to come. Call our team of epoxy floor coating experts today for all of your high quality, durable flooring needs for your home or business.

Installing Epoxy Flooring In Shoreview

No one wants floors that are boring and just overall lackluster. Most homeowners would rather have floors that are colorful, or have tasteful patterns and high gloss. The same could be said for concrete floors like those in your garage or laundry room. No one wants to deal with a garage floor that is stained permanently with grease and oil, or yellowed with age. Most homeowners would prefer that their floors look as good in several years as the day they were first put in. With epoxy floors, that dream can be a reality. They can also help enhance the safety of these rooms, as a high quality epoxy coating can effectively make these floors non-slip and even increase their brightness.

To get the quality results you want and deserve for your flooring, you want to call our team of Minneapolis epoxy flooring professionals and let them handle the job for you. Don’t settle for inferior workmanship when the best name in the business is only a phone call away.

Shoreview Interior Epoxy Floors

Many homeowners are shocked to find out that your options for epoxy floor coatings aren’t just limited to commercial buildings and garage flooring. There are also a number of interior surfaces that can be enhanced with the addition of an epoxy coating. With the right coating, any floor can quickly become the focal point of the room. When you are looking for an interior epoxy coating service that you can count on, the pros at Innovative Garage Flooring are the ones you want to call. It is our foremost goal to provide you with the interior epoxy floors that you will love and will continue to serve all of your needs for many years to come.

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