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Polyaspartic And Epoxy Floor With Decorative Flake In Circle Pines, MN

Polyaspartic epoxy floor decorative flake circle pines mn

New garage floor by Innovative Garage Flooring to brighten up old and deteriorating concrete. Full diamond grind on existing concrete, and then fill and smooth out all cracks, spalls and salt damage. We coated the block and primed the floor with Sherwin Williams General Polymers brand 3579. Next we applied Sherwin Williams General Polymers 3746 epoxy and added decorative flake. Finally this floor was clear coated with Sherwin Williams 4850 Polyaspartic and aluminum oxide was added for anti slip. This is one durable floor!

Full Flake Garage Floor Epoxy Gallery in Circle Pines, MN

Products Used

  • Polyaspartic & Epoxy Floor
  • Decorative Flake
  • Sherwin Williams General Polymers

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