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Best Epoxy Floor Coating In Blaine, MN

Epoxy floor coating blaine mn

This was a color quartz or sometimes referred to as Ceramic Carpet garage floor coating. A highly attractive floor achieved using colored sands.

First the concrete was diamond ground and primed with General Polymers industrial grade 3579 primer and color quartz is then broadcast directly into the primer. The second coat is also General Polymers 3579 applied as a grout coat and a second broadcast of color quartz is then added. The third and fourth coats are General Polymers 3746 clear epoxy to achieve the desired look and texture. Aluminum oxide is also added into the final coat to add ant slip capabilities.

Best Epoxy Floor Coating In Blaine, MN

Products Used

  • Epoxy Garage Flooring
  • Sherwin Williams General Polymers Marine and Industrial Grade Epoxy

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