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Ham Lake Epoxy Flooring Specialists


Epoxy flooring isn't just used in home garages anymore. In fact, it is so highly durable and beautiful that homeowners everywhere are installing interior epoxy floors. For a long time, it has been the flooring surface in commercial applications.

If you look at today's contemporary homes, you'll see that epoxy flooring is in style. If you want to bring this flooring system into your home in Ham Lake, call the experts at Innovative Garage Flooring. We won't let you down.

Innovative Garage Flooring is also an epoxy flooring specialist for Ham Lake commercial businesses. Our Minnapolis Epoxy Flooring Company have a long history of experience you can count on.

  • 20 years industry experience
  • High-quality application
  • Great customer care
  • Proper surface preparation
  • Stunning decorative epoxy flooring
  • Commercial performance floor coatings
  • Industrial floor coatings

Epoxy Garage Flooring

There's nothing like a sharp looking garage floor after an epoxy coating is installed. Gone are the old concrete stains from years of use and abuse. Any cracks or chips are gone. All that's left is a durable, beautiful floor that lasts through all kinds of mistreatment.

Call Innovative Garage Floors for the perfect epoxy flooring application. We have the skill to install the product right. Plus, our commercial grade epoxy coating, primer, and sealant is something you can't buy at your local store.

Interior Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring will bring an upscale look to your Hugo home. It dresses up bare concrete and is a very cost effective solution compared to installing flooring. Some epoxy coatings have flecks of pearl or metals infused to create gorgeous floors.

If you like first-class style, you'll love our interior epoxy flooring service. We can create something stunning for you that is completely unique. There will be no one else who has the same design. Plus, an epoxy flooring finish is very durable. The finish lasts and resists stains, chemicals, and scratches.

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