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Full Flake Polyaspartic Floor In Andover, MN

Full flake polyaspartic floor andover mn

This 964 sq ft garage floor was diamond ground using our state of the art Lavina grinders and our closed vac system ensuring a dust free work environment. Next all cracks, joints and spalls were filled before applying GP 3579 grey tinted primer. We next broadcast Torginal flakes to rejection allowing for 100% coverage of the floor. The final coat was Floorguards 85 Slo Go clear polyaspartic giving this floor over 3x the durability of the standard epoxy coat and because it is a non aliphatic resin it will never yellow! The Torginal flakes chosen were from the stone collection mimicking a granite slab. This is a great looking floor that will last for years to come.

Full Flake Polyaspartic Floor In Andover, MN

Products Used

  • Sherwin-Williams General Polymers

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