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Best Epoxy Floor Coating In New Brighton, MN

Commercial parking garage new brighton

This was a 15,000 square foot underground parking garage we completed in New Brighton,MN. The entire area was diamond prepped with our high end Lavina grinders and Ermator S26 vacuums with longopac dust containment systems. Next we used GP 3579 primer that was thickened to fill all joints and cracks. The primer coat was then applied with 5030 size sand added to improve strength as well as increase the overall thickness of the resinous floor system. Next we applied a color coat of GP 3746 high UV resistant epoxy in a manner that allowed the epoxy to flow out and offer a flatter more self leveling second coat. A third coat was applied of GP 3746 silver grey epoxy and decorative flake was added as well as aluminum oxide for anti slip. Finally, the striping was applied with GP macropoxy in a safety yellow color to mark all designated parking spots. Another great looking floor was completed by Innovative Garage Flooring that will provide years of protection as well beautifying a large underground area.

Best Epoxy Floor Coating In New Brighton, MN

Products Used

Sherwin Williams General Polymers Marine Grade Epoxy

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