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Minneapolis Interior Epoxy Floors Experts


It only makes sense to want to consider Minneapolis interior epoxy floors because the benefits are numerous. Take our word for it because here at Innovative Garage Flooring, this is a field we have over 20 years of professional expertise in. Residential and commercial building owners agree – epoxy is the way to go. While this approach is ideal for spaces like garages which are subjected to substances like oil and grease which would stain standard concrete, it can also be used for other interior applications. One of the reasons for this is that the finished look is so appealing.

For one thing, you have a variety of colors to choose from so you no longer have to settle for drab, dull and gray. This also means having a finished floor that shines with high gloss, making it look that much more sophisticated. So whether you have a professional gym, salon, coffee shop or want the entryway of your home to make quite an impression, this is a smart way to go. Don't just take our word for it though; give our experts a call and let us provide you with the high quality results that you deserve.

The Local Interior Epoxy Flooring Pros

Aside from looking stunning in just about any setting, there are plenty of other benefits that epoxy flooring offers. For one thing, having epoxy flooring installed provides you with the best in long lasting durability. Spills, hits from heavy machinery, just about anything that you can throw at this type of flooring will not leave a mark – unlike unprotected concrete surfaces. This also creates an easy to clean, seamless surface for you that will not attract or trap dirt and other contaminants. Probably one of the best advantages is that this also creates a safer flooring option.

This means that you get a slip and heat resistant flooring that also happens to enhance brightness in a work space by as much as 300%! With so many advantages and no real disadvantages, it only makes sense to want to consider this for your residential or commercial space. It makes even more sense to want to work with our Minneapolis Epoxy Flooring Company pros so that you can get the finest in quality application and customer care.

Minneapolis Interior Epoxy Floors for Homes & Businesses

Another reason that Innovative Garage Flooring is the premier choice for Minneapolis interior epoxy floors is the product we use. We use Sherwin-Williams industrial grade epoxy that is only available to certified installers. If you are ready to get serious about enhancing your flooring, give us a call right away. Let us show you, firsthand, what a difference this type of quality will do for your home or business.

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