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Reviews and Testimonials for Innovative Garage Flooring

I had recently purchased a home for my growing family, and the garage has always been my domain. I'm a huge car guy so there's always a half assembled car in the garage and with that is a major need to protect the floor from oil and other things that can ruin a floor. I called Innovative Garage Flooring to come in and install epoxy flooring and it came out great. It's easy to clean, looks amazing, and their expertise and professionalism is the best that I've ever worked with. I highly recommend them.

- Mike and Sarah |

My wife and I hired Innovative Garage Flooring to lay epoxy flooring in our main living space of our loft condo. We have an industrial type of feel going on from the exposed air ducts to the bare brick wall, the epoxy floor just makes the whole theme pop. We are so happy with the team over at Innovative Garage Flooring. They explained the whole process from start to finish and answered all of our questions. Great service. Thanks!

- John and Kimberly Walsh |

I was hired by the company I work for to find someone to come in and redo the flooring in the building. We wanted something that was appealing to the eye and easy to clean while offering us the protection we need in our business. Finding someone to come in and do a high quality epoxy floor in a commercial building can be a nightmare. We are very pleased with Innovative Garage Flooring and will definitely be coming back to do our other location as well. 5 stars.

- Bob |

Amazing works by Innovative Garage Flooring – from the very first consultation to the exact execution, they were professional and patient with me. Explaining everything in detail and answering any questions that I may have.
When it came to the execution of my garage flooring, their 20 years of experience showed; they were efficient and effective in installing the epoxy coatings for me. Perfect end results. They are definitely the best in what they do!
I highly recommend Innovative Garage Flooring as my #1 trust choice for garage epoxy floors. Great service experience and phenomenal product.

- Ryan Low |

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