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Garage Floor Updated to Epoxy Coating with Flake in East Bethel, MN

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating with Flake, East Bethel, MN

The old concrete garage floor in East Bethel, MN, was given three caots of epoxy with flake. It was done entirely with top-quality Sherwin-Williams products.

For the first coat, 3579 primer was used. It was then followed by a 650s/l coat with flake and finalized with a 3745 top coat which had aluminum oxide added.

All marine grade products are available only to certified installers and come with a lifetime warranty.

East Bethel Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Products & Services Used

  • Sherwin-Williams - Highest quality products
  • 3579 Primer - First Coat
  • 650s/l with Flake - Second Coat
  • 3745 with Aluminum Oxide - Top Coat

East Bethel Garage Floor Epoxy Floor Coating Gallery

East Bethel, MN

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epoxy flooring company minneapolis mn