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Epoxy Flooring Vs. Stained Concrete: 3 Reasons Epoxy Flooring Comes Out On Top

Minneapolis epoxy flooring

When you are looking for a highly effective flooring solution for your commercial property, most property owners tend to find that the decision often comes down to a choice between epoxy flooring or stained concrete. While it's true that both of these flooring types use concrete slabs as a base material, the resulting floor surfaces after they are finished are actually about as different as the processes used to create them. There has been a debate raging for nearly as long as these two flooring options have been around as to which is better suited for for the commercial setting, and today, we are going to weigh in on that debate. When you are looking for a tough, durable, and attractive flooring option for your commercial property, epoxy flooring is the clear victor over stained concrete, and we'll tell you why.

Enhanced Floor Protection

While stained concrete can be a viable flooring solution in some settings, it has a number of different limitations that epoxy flooring doesn't suffer from. Where stained concrete does what it can to help maximize the durability of your concrete slab flooring, epoxy coatings can actually enhance the overall strength and durability of your concrete flooring beyond what it would normally be capable of. Epoxy floor coatings can actually improve your floor's weight bearing capacity and increase its impact, puncture, and abrasion resistance, making it capable of withstanding some of the most extreme conditions you can imagine, all without suffering damage.


Because it is such a hard and durable surface, with little to no porous areas in it, epoxy floor coatings are surprisingly easy to clean. In much the same way as glass, epoxy floor coatings are smooth, and most materials tend to come off quite easily with just a little bit of cleaning. In addition, because of its non-porous nature, it is highly stain resistant, as there is really nowhere for anything to soak into the surface. In almost any setting, whether residential or commercial, it is very important that you are able to clean your surfaces easily and thoroughly, and epoxy floor coatings are about as easily cleaned as they come. Whether you have a garage that needs to resist oil and grease stains, or grocery store floor that needs to be able to repel anything your customers can throw at it, epoxy floor coatings are up to the task.

Chemical Resistant

Because epoxy floor coatings are first installed in a liquid state, the resulting surface will be one that is seamless and virtually impervious once is has cured. Combined with the fact that most epoxy resins are already highly resistant to solvents, acids, and alkalis, it is easy to see how this highly chemical resistant flooring option could be valuable in a commercial setting. With stained concrete, there are still going to be seams and areas where the natural porous nature of the concrete slab are going to work against it. This can allow these abrasive chemicals to seep down into your slab where it can then flow into the ground and the surrounding environment. With epoxy flooring, these dangerous chemicals will just sit on the floor's surface until they can be safely contained and disposed of.

Design Versatility

In the past, the one aspect of stained concrete floors over epoxy flooring was the fact that stained concrete could mimic the look of other natural materials, making it a clear winner when it came to aesthetics. However, recent advances in epoxy coatings have resulted in solutions that can actually do the same thing, meaning that Innovative Garage Flooring can make you a natural looking floor with the enhanced toughness and durability that epoxy flooring has to offer.

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