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Maple Grove Full Flake Floor

This is a full fake floor done by Innovative Garage Flooring in Maple Grove, MN. The slab was diamond ground and the primed with Sherwin Williams General Polymers 3579 and all joints were filled. Next we threw Torginal b706 flakes at 100% coverage rate. This floor was then top coated with not 1 but 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Genearl Polymers 4746 High UV resistant epoxy and aluminum oxide was added for anti slip.

Project Information

Products Used

  • Preparation: Diamond Ground Slab
  • Primer: Sherwin Williams General Polymers 3579
  • Flakes: Torginal b706
    • 100% Full Coverage
  • Top Coat: Sherwin Williams General Polymers 4746
    • High UV Resistance
  • Aluminum Oxide
    • Added for Anti-Slip


Full Flake Epoxy Floor Coating near Maple Grove, MN

Epoxy Floor Installed in Maple Grove, MN

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epoxy flooring company minneapolis mn