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Barrel Theory Brewery Commercial Project

Barrel Theory Brewery Commercial ProjectA downtown St. Paul brewery is where you’ll find this one of a kind floor. First the 100 year old slab was diamond ground with our state of the art Lavina grinders and our closed vac system helping to ensure an almost 100% dust free work zone. We then applied Sherwin-Williams MVT moisture mitigation product to help eliminate any issues down the road. Next comes GP 3579 primer tinted to match the chosen Torginal flakes. The flakes that were chosen for this project were copper in color with a 3% reflective material added to really give this application a unique look. Next came Floorguards 85 Slo Go ploysaspartic with not one but two coats for added durability from pallet jacks and the moving of the newly brewed beer stored in kegs. If you’re ever in the neighborhood on 7th St. In downtown St. Paul, the beer is cold and delicious and the guys at Barrel Theory Brewery were great to work with! Stop in, grab a beer and ask Tim and the rest of the guys to take a look at their new floor!

  • Location: St. Paul, MN
  • Type: Commercial Flooring
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Sherwin-Williams and Floorguard

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epoxy flooring company minneapolis mn